Business Credit Check

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Business Credit Report is able to provide an efficient and fast way to retrieve any adverse credit information against a South African registered business. (Note that this service is currently only available in South Africa)

The service retrieves adverse (Judgements, Listings, Adverse, etc.) from credit bureau data on commercial companies and the Directors of the Business.

A unique summary of all Directors in the business provides a quick overview of the credit status of all the Directors in the company, as well as the company itself.

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Bank Account Verification is also able to do a bank account verification from all major banks. Over 95% of businesses in South Africa are covered here.

This service will verify the bank details of a consumer or business

Verification details, Identity information or Company registration, Bank, account type, Bank account number, Active, Open, Closed, and open for longer than three months.


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Company & Director Verification

This service provides an efficient and fast way to verify a company against CIPC (previously CIPRO) information. This is the equivalent body to the Registrar of companies or similar government organization accredited to registering companies.


All registrar information on the company, auditor, and directors is retrieved from the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) database

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