Matching Opportunities

Once you have qualified as the right prospect,

we work on the business project & it’s viability! 

Enterprise development involves the identification of opportunity (PROJECT), training & development (PROSPECT), business finance, and business support (BUSINESS) that form the three key pillars of CC Viwanda.

Although these steps are sequential, they are often and could be carried out based on the needs of the community and the potential of business owners. Previous experience in business, availability of finance, existing demand for a specific product, etc are some of the influencing factors that would change the sequential approach to Enterprise Development under CC Viwanda.

Market Research

Market Research is primarily based on the choices that are most prospective for the area. 

This research assists to establish the following key points for the various opportunities being considered.

SWOT Analysis

Opportunities are identified through Market Research and SWOT analysis of the groups within the identified locality.

At this juncture, CC Viwanda researches to identify the right project(s) for the given area.