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  • Step-1
  • Viwanda.africa B2B eCommerce Survey

    This is an easy survey but will take between 2-3 minutes of your time. We appreciate the time taken to give us your honest view and help us improve services to b2b eCommerce in Africa.

    When done with Step-1, Click on "Next" to proceed to the next page. You can always go back to the "Previous" page and change your responses.


  • Your Details

    This is an easy section! You just need to tell us more about you, your company and your industry!
  • Tell us the name of your business, insitution or organization
  • Which country is your business operating?
  • Select the industry or category that best describes your line of business.
  • Step-2
  • 1. Procurement and Supplies from Africa

    In this section, we are keen to hear your views on challenges and possible solutions facing your ability to source or procure goods from African manufacturers.
  • We'd really appreciate your point of view!
  • Step-3
  • 2. Trust in Sellers and Goods

    Business is all about relationships. This can be a major hinderance if you have little trust of the Sellers and their Goods. Let us know what you think about your Trust in Sellers and Goods from African Manufacturers
  • We'd really appreciate your point of view!
  • Step-4
  • 3. Logistics and Movement of Goods

    Africa is one large continent with 55 countries. Sometimes movement of goods can be an issue. We would like to hear more about your experience or concern with the logistics of getting goods from Africa.
  • Give us a brief outline of how our online platform can offer solutions to your top priority concern.
  • Step-5
  • 4. Other Issues - Your Opinion

    What other B2B sourcing challenges have you faced with African suppliers?
  • Examples include: Language barrier with potential manufacturers | Poor product development cycles | High tariffs and cost of importation for your industry | Lack of innovative, high tech goods from Africa, etc.