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Adding New Products

The Seller dashboard of gives you a full-fledged control over every settings. So seller could easily configure, customize and update product details on this dashboard.

So let’s see how to operate seller dashboard step by step in the next section:-

Adding Products

Creating new products as a seller using is quick, convenient and easy. You need to begin by registering as a Seller on, after which you can easily create products and customize them on an easy and user-friendly dashboard.

New Product Page

When you register as a seller and go to products menu for the first time in marketplace, your dashboard will look like described below.

You can then start to new products or import products using a spreadsheet in csv format.

How to Create a New product from the Seller dashboard

To create a product, navigate to the seller dashboard. And then click on Products from the left menu. After that click on the Add New Products button from the top right corner.

Figure 1- Goes here

You’ll get a new window where you will be able to create a new product giving all the details only.

Figure 2Goes here.

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