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Buyer and Seller Communication

As a seller or buyer, how do you communicate easily between each other?

One of our core values is transparency and trust. Our Bonga Messenger is built to keep your communication transparent and accountable.

When you are on the product page, seller profile or shop profile, you can click on “Contact Seller” at any point to bring up the pop-up Bonga Messenger window. Your just need to enter the subject of your request and details of the query before submitting your query to the seller.

A log of your communication is added to your account as a seller as well as on the buyers’ account. This helps when you want to check specific details discussed in regard to orders and product specifications – and form an important aspect of dispute resolution if they ever arise.

Communication through Bonga Messenger is very much like a chat, allowing for images, text and all forms of file attachments.

Issues raised on the Bonga Messenger are taken through three stages or status i.e.

  1. Open Status – When buyer has sent a message or query to the seller
  2. Resolved Status – Once the seller has sufficiently addressed the query from buyer
  3. Closed Status – When no more communication is needed on the issue, then it can be closed by the seller.

To simplify searching, you can sort messages according to the date or status.

Remember that mail notifications are sent automatically to the seller and buyer for every message added to the thread.

So… go ahead, start sending queries and receiving responses from seller, using the Bonga messaging service today!

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