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Final Word on Listings

One last word on listings.

Apart from product or service listing, seller information is crucial to buyer’s confidence in your company and products.

As a seller, there are two areas where you can make a huge difference in the way buyers perceive you and your products i.e Your Seller Profile and Your Shop Profile.

Let’s start by looking at Seller Profile.

  • Make sure that your address, contact details, website and profile logo are all in place.

Then, remember to include your Return Policy and Shipping Policy under the section ‘Shop & Policies’

Very important is also to upload your profile image, profile banner and profile slider images…. As mentioned earlier, a picture is worth a thousand words.

A detailed “Profile message” also provides more information about you and your company.

In the age of social media, it is important to add your “Social Web Info” for ease of visibility and connection to the social media


Secondly is your Shop Profile. Note that seller profile and shop profile are separate.

  • Make sure that your shop name reflects your brand and is recognizable to your audience. It is best to use the brand name that you use for your products and services.

Similarly, remember to include the shop profile image and banners. If you have more than one banner, add them to the shop slider images for great display in your storefront.

Remember to include address, brand tagline and short description of your company is important.

Terms and Conditions, or T & Cs should be included in this section with any legal or important use information for the buyer.

Note that products will automatically appear on the ‘Products’ section as you enter and approve them under product listings.

So, go ahead complete your profile and your shop’s profile to increase the chances of buyers’ orders and RFQs!!

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