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How to Register as a Seller

The first thing you want to do is register as a seller.

Registration is FREE of charge and takes you less than a minute. Visit the Seller Services section and click on ‘Signup as a Seller’.

You just need your name, email and password to get started. In addition, you’ll also need to enter your profile name that is unique to your business. Try using your business name as your profile to make it easy to remember and friendly to search engines.

Once you have confirmed your registration on email, it is time to set up your shop, otherwise known as Duka in Once you login into you will be taken directly to the Seller Dashboard where you can create, list and manage your storefront.

Seller dashboard also enables you to list products, view orders, check payments and assess quotes from buyers.

In addition, you can add your shipping & delivery policy, terms & conditions as well as manage your inventory in one place.

The dashboard also provides your central place to communicate with your buyers. Each thread of interaction with the buyer is provided in a chat format to help keep track of your negotiations and quote progress.

So, feel free to proceed and register your business today and also list your products for unapparelled exposure to a global audience.

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