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Listing Your Products

Once you open your Duka or shop at its time now to list your products on the platform so that they can appear on the website.

Keep in mind that you have both a seller profile as well as a shop profile. Both profiles are available to buyers at and should reflect the best of your branding and information.

Your seller profile has details of you as a seller including

  • summary of product listings
  • Product Rating and reviews
  • Returns and Shipping policy
  • Contact details et-cetera

Your shop profile on the other hand contains the product listings, categories and the store’s terms and conditions.

So, how do you list your products?

Login to using the seller email and make sure you are in the seller dashboard.

In the main menu at the top, click on products and click on ‘Create New Product’ to create a single product…. Then follow the instructions provided.

If you want to import & create many products at once, click on “Non Approved Products” and then go to ‘Import’. Use the provided product template to ensure you capture the important aspects of your products.

As always, if you need any help, go to Helpdesk and send a ticket for prompt assistance.

Go ahead! Start listing your products today

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