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Optimizing Your Listings

Let’s look at how you can optimize and get the best listings on

With online listings, the quality of your listing is an important reflection of the quality of your product! It is imperative to have a VERY good quality listing. Without a good listing, buyers will have a poor perception of your goods, merchandise or service.

So, at here are our recommendations in ensuring that you have a quality listing.

  1. Firstly, COMPLETENESS. It is important to have the most complete information about a product added to the listing.

The more the better. Make sure you highlight a good descriptive name, right Web Product Category, price, barcode, variants and product description.

In addition, note to include alternative, accessory and popular products from your catalog that compliment the current listing. This helps in upselling and cross-selling on our platform.

Delivery approximate lead times, volume, weight and unit of measurements are very important for shipping and customer freight approximation.

  1. Secondly, IMAGES & VIDEO. Like the saying goes, ‘A picture is worth a thousand words”.

Just one look at the images will be worth a thousand words!

Have at least 6 – 12 images of your products added for best results. Keep them simple, uncluttered and focused on the item for sale.

A good video of the item in use or production is a brilliant addition to the media section.

  1. Thirdly DESCRIPTION – A good description is paramount to a buyers understanding of your products.

Make sure that all relevant technical specifications are added for the benefit of the buyer.

Provide additional custom “Tabs” for more detailed descriptions.

Like the old saying goes, ‘Put your best foot forward’ – Give your products and services the best chance by providing a quality listing.

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