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Seller Response to RFQs

As a seller, how do you respond to Request for Quotations or RFQs?

You will typically receive RFQs from buyers in two primary ways.

  1. Direct Product Quote Request
  2. Category Email Quote Requests

With direct product quote request, the buyer visits your product and clicks on ‘Request Quote’ on the product page. The buyer then specifies the quantity, their preferred price and detailed comment —which you receive as the seller.

In the second instance, a buyer can make a request for product under a category or subcategory. This is sent to sellers with products in that sub-category. If your product is listed under … for example…’fresh fruit’, you will be eligible to receive this RFQ.

Once you receive the RFQ, it is imperative to respond quickly and with specific details as per the request. Change details of price or quantity explaining in the comments section to the buyer. Note that you can also use the buyer-seller communication service to discuss the RFQ and come to a conclusion.

Ensure that you discuss the Incoterms, shipping and delivery details as well.

Go ahead, be quick to respond…because if you snooze, you loose!!

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