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As a buyer, offers top quality services to help you transact in a secure, transparent and trusted environment.

Online procurement can offer many advantages that will eventually increase efficiencies, reduce costs and increase bottom-line profits.

Firstly, gives you direct access to the manufacturer and establish a line of supply for efficient sourcing. This helps you get high volume discounts and create your own custom products from scratch using your own designs.

Secondly, Trade Assurance protects the buyer’s online transactions when payment is made via our platform. If by any chance you receive poor quality goods, delay in shipping date, breach of initial agreement etc., will offer assistance to reach a satisfactory outcome, including getting your money back. Trade Assurance is an Escrow Service that involves the process of “holding the funds” for the parties which are a part of a transaction (buyer and seller). Funds are released to the seller only when the transaction is completed to the satisfaction of both the buyer and seller.

Thirdly, we ensure that we give buyers, comprehensive supplier and manufacturers’ information, production capabilities, product quality and certifications to help them find trusted & capable seller. This includes credit checks, business verifications & audits… that are necessary to make decisions on the right sellers for your supply chain.

Other buyer services offered on our platform include logistics and import/export cost estimations…through third party integrated systems. has partnered with numerous certified providers to assist in legal contract services, inspection solutions, factory audits, product certifications, et.cetera  to ensure you make your procurement decisions in one place.

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