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As a Seller, you possibly have your own website and wondering whether it makes sense to open a storefront or shop on

The resounding answer is YES!

Here are three key benefits of opening shop at and listing your products.

Additional Channel for Your Products

As a marketplace, provides an additional channel for product sales to a global audience. This will help you grow and expand your business beyond boundaries leading to a discovery of new customers, markets and opportunity. Our technology helps your company and products rank highly with search engines giving you exceptional online brand awareness.

Streamline Procurement

Secondly, through our best-in-practice procurement processes, we have created a secure platform that is transparent and trusted between buyers and sellers. This helps put customers at ease when purchasing from sellers with the knowledge that transactions are safe and from verified suppliers.

Stay Ahead of Competition

Thirdly, helps you stay ahead of your competition. With unlimited free product listings, you can put your products for sale in a risk-free environment and start getting requests for quotation (RFQs), qualified leads and potential customers from all over the world.

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