Viwanda Trade Assurance

Viwanda Trade Assurance

In the era where cybercrimes have become a common scenario, it is likely that buyers and sellers may be prone to fraudulent activities.

Viwanda Trade Assurance makes sure that all the transactions which take place through are secure, transparent, and sound.





But Verify

We help to bridge the Gap of Trust

  • Most Business Buyers prefer not to pay in advance from Sellers they don’t know.
  • On the other hand, Sellers cannot dispatch goods without receiving payments in advance from Buyer they don’t know. escrow acts as a third-party platform offering trustworthy services to the supplier and the buyers.


For instance, a buyer ‘A’ places an order and makes the payment for the same.

Instead of transferring the amount directly to the seller, Viwanda Escrow shall hold the payment in an escrow account.

As the buyer receives the order and finds it satisfactory in every aspect, then only will the escrow transfer the payment to the seller.

This becomes a win-win situation for both the buyer and seller – There is no need to establish Trust before-hand. 

Benefits of Escrow


Escrow payments confirm the commitment that the buyer and seller have towards the sale.


Buyer is confident that goods will be delivered and Seller know that they will be paid

Escrow Benefits -


Security of transaction is guaranteed by third party. Money is held on your behalf by reputable bank.


Dispute resolution between buyer and seller can be arbitrated to an amicable solution